April 2004

Is Chavez next for the Aristide treatment?

1 April 2004 In April 2002 the US tried a classic military coup in Venezuela, but got their fingers burnt when it was defeated in 48 hours by a popular uprising backed by progressive forces in the military. Between December 2002 and January 2003, Washington incited a bosses' lockout which paralysed the oil industry. But the government regained control

Contractor killers

1 April 2004 Dave Whyte reports on the hidden human costs of sub-contracting in the construction and engineering industries

Choose solidarity, not fear

1 April 2004 "A triumph of democracy over fear,' declared Spain's new prime minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero, after Spanish voters defied conservative predictions that the Madrid bombings would drive them to support the government.

Modern heroes, modern slaves

1 April 2004 Doctors and nurses from the Philippines pay thousands of pounds so they can travel to the UK and work for as little as £8 a day in British hospitals and nursing homes.

Friendless in Gaza

1 April 2004 As long as the trade and investment opportunities in Palestine remain negligible, Britain will always support Israel.

End all immigration controls now

1 April 2004 The No One is Illegal Group responds to Red Pepper's invitation for alternative proposals to government asylum policy.

Interview with Mark Lynas, author of High Tide

1 April 2004 Mark Lynas spent three years travelling round the globe in search of one of the greatest untold tales of our time. Convinced that climate change was no longer a concern just for the future, Lynas set off to find that global warming is already having a tangible effect on people's lives. His wry observations and suggestions for change are brought together in High Tide: News from a Warming World, published this March. Melanie Jarman found out what he had to say for himself.

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