November 2004

Is there hope at last?

1 November 2004 A new internet campaign has begun to remove Tony Blair ([>]) as an alternative to impeachment. The basic philosophy is that you can't personally vote Tony Blair out unless you live in Sedgefield, but his MPs can make him resign. The only reason they'll get rid of him is if he'll lose the election. They will lose their seats if you don't vote for them - that's motivation! All you are asked to do is write to your MP and clearly state, 'I promise I won't vote for a party with Tony Blair leading it' and tell all your friends to do the same. Should I put my name to this, or just hope that Tony Blair and his capitalist clique are just a bad dream? Yours Which Blair Project?

Spin your own web

1 November 2004 Need to build a website but can't be bothered with all that coding malarkey? Then relax - this handy guerilla guide shows the way to cut corners and still get your point across on the web

Rocking for revolution

1 November 2004 Steve Earle is the foremost political songwriter in the US today, and his new album an unapologetic intervention in the presidential election.

America’s new radicals

1 November 2004 Gary Younge meets the newly politicised foot soldiers fighting to force Bush out of the White House

Boom or bust in Washington

1 November 2004 Max Fraad-Wolff and Richard Wolff argue that America's model of unilateral militarism and hopelessly lopsided budgets is utterly unsustainable

Rethinking capitalist crises

1 November 2004 US hegemony is strong, and the economic model on which it rests is not about to unravel at any moment soon.

Taking the pledge

1 November 2004 The campaign to prevent airport expansion is gathering early momentum

A Forum of contradictions: the 3rd ESF

1 November 2004 The third European Social Forum (ESF) took place in London from 14-17 October 2004, with over 400 events ranging in their scope from Asbestos to Zapatismo.

Information super-highwaymen

1 November 2004 Corporate elites are using repressive and subversive methods to silence legitimate, independent media networks.

Power and the State

1 November 2004 The following is a transcript of John Holloway's speech to the European Social Forum in London in October 2004.

Challenge the state, don’t reclaim it

1 November 2004 Hilary Wainwright has criticised John Holloway for a too pessimistic analysis of the state. Sarah Young responds.

Change the World by Transforming Power – Including State Power!

1 November 2004 I've been puzzling over John Holloway's book. I say puzzling because on the one hand, there is a lot I agreed with in his critique of the traditional left - Leninist and social democratic - in particular their fixation with seizing or taking state power. I agreed too with his emphasis on recognising our own creative power: both our power of refusal and our power of transformation; and his focus on the ways that we can change society ourselves through collective and co-operative action rather than look to the state or the party to achieve change on our behalf.