Scrapping grants will inspire another wave of student protests – how can they win? August 2015

Student funding changes will hit the poor hardest and transfer wealth upwards. Kate Bradley looks to campaigns around the world for lessons of successful resistance

Arrested, suspended, then banned from elections: my student experience, by Deborah Hermanns February 2014

University of Birmingham student Deborah Hermanns describes her experience of being arrested, released without charge and subsequently suspended from university and banned from running in the Birmingham Guild of Students elections

Campus campaigning: student activism goes local October 2013

The flames of the 2010/11 student movement haven’t been entirely extinguished. Hattie Craig and Roz Burgin examine the new look of campus-based resistance

Homes of our own: the growing student co-operative movement September 2013

Sean Farmelo is part of a group of Birmingham students involved in setting up a new student housing co-op

Students are still in the front line – but it’s time that changed March 2012

Kit Withnail calls for the rest of us to join the students' resistance

The students’ moment February 2012

Student activist Michael Chessum reflects on the state of the fight against the Tories’ education reforms

Higher education: the lie-busting low-down February 2011

Cristina Delgado Garcia and Luke Yates explain why university cuts aren’t fair or needed

Trouble at the sausage factory May 2010

Leeds students Andre Pusey and Leon Sealey-Huggins report on the fight against higher education cuts and its connection to the wider battle against the current neoliberal role and form of universities

Beyond town and gown October 2008

The relationship between students and locals is fraught with long-held mistrust and resentment. Ex-student Jenny Nelson looks at the colourful history of these often segregated communities, and meets some of the student activists who are trying to break out of the ghettos they've inherited

Students are citizens too October 2008

With 'top-up' fees and increasing debt leaving many students less willing to fight for anyone but themselves, London School of Economics union president Aled Fisher argues for more, not less, participation in wider politics

Back to class October 2008

The falling value and rising price of a degree is hitting some harder than others. Laurie Penny looks at what's left of the egalitarian dream of universally accessible education

Death of the intellectual October 2008

The ambition of advanced capitalism is not simply to combat radical ideas - it is to abolish the very notion that there could be a serious alternative to the present. Terry Eagleton laments the passing of a critical age

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