Book review: Angry White People: Coming Face to Face With the British Far-Right December 2016

Hilary Aked gets close up with the British far right in Hsiao-Hung Pai's latest release

Book Review: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation December 2016

'A small manifesto for black liberation through socialist revolution' - Graham Campbell reviews Keeanga-Yamahtta's 'From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation'

Black Lives Matter: crisis shutdown October 2016

Kojo Kyerewaa introduces Black Lives Matter UK

Lexit delusionaries August 2016

Marina Prentoulis lambasts those on the left who see success in the Brexit disaster

Building a progressive majority: Left strategy after the Brexit vote June 2016

After the EU referendum we are seeing both horror at anti-migrant sentiment and pandering to it, writes Joseph Todd – but only a radical economic offer can carve a way through

The complicity of the white liberal left in the rise of Donald Trump May 2016

There are deep reasons for racism in American politics, but the white liberal left has done little to prevent it, writes Mariama Eversley

Antisemitism and the left May 2016

Paul Kelemen, author of The British Left and Zionism: History of a Divorce, looks at the roots of the recent controversies in the Labour Party

Biting lions: remembering the Grunwick strike 40 years on April 2016

As the 40th anniversary of the Grunwick strike approaches, Sujata Aurora looks at its legacy and lessons for today

‘I could kill you here and no one would care’: The refugees at the sharp end of Europe’s borders February 2016

Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports from Lesbos on the dangers faced by refugees as they struggle through a system that puts border control before human life

We’re students, not suspects October 2015

Malia Bouattia argues that the government’s counter‑extremism strategy adds up to surveillance of the Muslim community

Dissident organising October 2015

New community group Black Dissidents is taking direct action for racial justice. Zak Suffee explains why

Video report: Shut down Yarl’s Wood! August 2015

A video report from the demonstration against the immigration detention centre, by Siobhan McGuirk

What the Calais ‘crisis’ reveals about racism July 2015

The deaths we have seen in Calais are not the first, and until Britain can come to terms with race and racism, they won’t be the last, says Zak Suffee

Free the women of Yarl’s Wood detention centre July 2015

After the success of a huge protest against detention in June Movement for Justice by Any Means Possible have called another Surround Yarl’s Wood demonstration on 8 August

Migrant Lives Matter: ideas for action June 2015

Notes on practical solidarity from a discussion with the Black Liberation Collective at Reclaim the Power camp. By Jenny Nelson

Immigration detention: resistance and rebellion March 2015

With protests and hunger strikes now taking place inside eight of the UK's detention centres, is this the beginning of the end for detention? asks Karen Doyle

“In Ferguson, a wound bleeds” – open letter from protesters November 2014

Protestors in Ferguson have posted an open letter after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown back in August 2014

Ferguson: The view from the US September 2014

US-based Red Pepper commissioning editor Siobhan McGuirk compiles a round up of coverage and commentary on the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson and subsequent reactions.

Ferguson: What next? September 2014

US-based Red Pepper commissioning editor Siobhan McGuirk collates commentary following the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson and explores the necessity of an enduring movement to fight for racial equality.

Anatomy of an insurrection August 2014

Riots, or insurrections, are rational responses to systemic subjugation, argues Robert Stephens II. The insurrection in Ferguson, Missouri, following the murder of Michael Brown, is clear proof of the sophisticated political agitation that often precipitates spontaneous uprisings by marginalized groups.

Nelson Mandela, CLR James and the Brixton radicals: how South Africa inspired South London December 2013

When Nelson Mandela came to Britain, the one place he visited beyond Westminster and Buckingham Palace was Brixton – and he had a rapturous welcome. Here Darcus Howe looks back at how the anti-apartheid movement interwove with the experience of black people in the UK

Us and them: how the far right feed off the racism of the mainstream September 2013

Contrary to right-wing myth, Britain’s imperial past goes largely unexamined, so its assumptions remain active in forming our views, writes Mike Marqusee

How slavery shaped Britain August 2013

An online database of every slave owner who claimed compensation following the abolition of slavery in 1833 has been launched at University College London.

Dale Farm: We stood because ye stood May 2012

Mary Sheridan talks to Elly Robson about resisting the eviction of her family and the Traveller community at Dale Farm in Essex

Dale Farm: The human cost of prejudice March 2012

As the displaced residents of Dale Farm in Essex face another round of forced evictions, Elly Robson talks to some of the families and examines the discrimination they face

Review: Black Power Mixtape December 2011

Selina Nwulu reviews new civil rights movement documentary Black Power Mixtape

Get along, move along, shift… September 2010

The Roma are experiencing a fresh wave of repression across Europe. Leigh Phillips reports

Identity canards July 2010

There is nothing inherent in any racial category or gender that makes it necessarily more radical - or reactionary - than another. But difference does make a difference, argues Gary Younge, and the left needs to re-examine its approach to issues of diversity, equal opportunities and representation

Far right prospects in the European elections May 2009

Graeme Atkinson on the far right parties and candidates standing in the upcoming European Parliament elections

Viva Siva April 2009

Now in his eighties, A Sivanandan remains an important figure in the politics of race and class, maintaining his long-held insistence that only in the symbiosis of the two struggles can a genuinely radical politics be found. By Arun Kundnani

Making music matter June 2008

The organisers claimed it as a huge success. But the BNP continued its advance in local elections and won a seat on the London Assembly a few days later anyway. So what did the Love Music Hate Racism carnival in east London in April achieve, and what is the importance of such events for the left in the future? Lena De Casparis and Alex Nunns report

I’m not racialist but … June 2008

In this article, first published in New Society magazine on 21 February 1985, Steve Platt looked at a row over racism in London's East End. He says it is depressing that he could have written almost the exact same article yesterday

Nothing is more important June 2008

Jon Cruddas and Nick Lowles argue that the rise of the far right presents a challenge that the left has so far proved unable to meet

Hammering the BNP June 2008

We must take on the far right by the force of our arguments, says Stuart Weir

Veiled threats November 2006

Multiculturalism has been getting the blame for the alleged lack of integration of minority groups into British society. It isn't beyond criticism, but neither is it the main cause of social division. That's down to racism and economic inequality, writes Mike Marqusee

Living together: an interview with Tariq Ramadan September 2005

Tariq Ramadan is one Europe's leading progressive Muslim scholars. He talked to Oscar Reyes about integration, multiculturalism and the role of the global justice movement after the London bombings.

Slaying the racist dragon August 2004

Billy Bragg celebrates the contribution of the flag of St George and the England football team in furthering the cause of multiculturalism.

Who takes the rap? January 1998

Hip-hop star Chuck D says black artists must fight for control of their own music and the money it earns. Donald Harding talked to him

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