Dabke dancing to tell another narrative July 2015

Creative protest can change the way people engage with Israeli apartheid, says Dan Glass, who organised a Dabke-dance action to mark the first anniversary of the latest attack on Gaza

Why I wrote a play charting Israel’s violent birth July 2015

Playwright Brian Rotman reflects on the background to his new play tracing the origins of the state of Israel

Letters to Palestine: an interview with Vijay Prashad July 2015

Daniel Whittall speaks to Vijay Prashad about the book he has recently edited, Letters to Palestine, and the wider dynamics of the Palestinian struggle

We can’t just tweet in the face of genocide August 2014

Ewa Jasiewicz, activist with London Palestine Action, explains how you can join the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel's massacre and occupation

Resisting the UK’s political and military support for Israel August 2014

Andrew Smith, from Campaigns Against Arms Trade, explains how the UK are arming Israel

An overwhelming show of solidarity and support for the people of Gaza July 2014

Kitty Webster reports back from the National Demonstration for Gaza held in London on Saturday 19 July 2014

Mythbuster: Israel’s attack on Gaza July 2014

Tom Walker takes apart the excuses Israel is using to justify its massacre

Palestine: 6 simple acts of international solidarity July 2014

Jenny Nelson looks at what you can do to help the people of Palestine

A few days in Ramallah January 2014

Jane Shallice reflects on a recent trip to the West Bank.

Showing Israel the red card December 2012

As UEFA prepares to stage the 2013 European under-21 championship in Israel, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi reports on the exclusion of Palestinian footballers

Palestine: Learning from the rabbi December 2012

Wrestling in the Daylight: a rabbi’s path to Palestinian solidarity, by Brant Rosen, reviewed by Richard Kuper

Guerrilla guide: Boycott, divestment, sanctions July 2012

As the Co-op announces a boycott of companies exporting from West Bank settlements, Tom Anderson explains how to do ‘BDS’

Jordan Valley: To exist is to resist May 2012

Lorna Stephenson reports on a grass-roots campaign group challenging the Israeli occupation in the Jordan Valley

The right to speak up in Gaza April 2012

Tom Dale speaks to Abu Yazan, a leading member of Gaza Youth Break Out. He has been persecuted by Israel, Fatah and Hamas, and was in exile in Cairo when this interview was carried out in December 2011.

Radical cities: A guide to Nablus, Palestine February 2012

Simply visiting Palestine can be a radical act. Sarah Irving suggests that the city of Nablus should be on any visitor’s itinerary

Punishing Palestine: How the US plays politics with aid January 2012

Libby Powell on how the US has retaliated after Palestine’s UN statehood bid

Breaking the silence October 2011

Michael Pooler discovers how former IDF soldiers are opening up about life in the occupied territories.

Palestine’s wandering poet April 2011

Mike Marqusee on Mahmoud Darwish, the poet of the Palestinian people

After the flotilla September 2010

Ewa Jasiewicz considers the impact in Palestine, Israel and internationally

Life in Palestine: A tale of two Monas September 2010

Adie Mormech on the Samouni family, who lost 29 in the Gaza war

What were they thinking? September 2010

In an edited extract from the forthcoming book, Midnight on the Mavi Marmara: the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and how it changed the course of the Israel/Palestine conflict, Rashid Khalidi considers the context and implications of Israel's act of state piracy

The militarised zone July 2010

Andrea D'Cruz talks to women from New Profile, a feminist movement for the demilitarisation of Israeli society

Rhyme and reason June 2010

Pablo Navarrete meets the British-Iraqi rapper Lowkey, a rising star whose growing popularity is tapping into a mood of rebellion

Pirates in the Mediterranean June 2010

Neve Gordon on the Israeli attack on humanitarian aid ships in international waters

Scars of childhood November 2009

The arrest and detention of Palestinian children by the Israeli army inflicts long-term trauma on Palestinian society. Andrea D'Cruz travelled to Abu Dis to find out more

Occupations against the Occupation May 2009

Siobahn McGuirk reports from the student occupation at the University of Manchester, the longest in the wave of student militancy over Gaza

Divide and torture May 2009

The military onslaught on Gaza may have halted but the economic and political onslaught continues. Ewa Jasiewicz reports on a people under siege

After the bombing, the boycott May 2009

Israel's assault on Gaza led to unprecedented mobilisations in solidarity with the Palestinian people. But where should the movement go next, asks Yasmin Khan

Contending for the living May 2009

In the first of a new regular column for Red Pepper, Mike Marqusee finds hope for a new internationalism in the actions of South African dockworkers and their allies

At the Palestinian crossroads March 2009

The Palestinian movement is at an important turning point, argues Palestinian political analyst Jamil Hilal. Whatever the military outcome of the attack on Gaza, Palestinians need to work towards a unified national movement that can re-assert itself as a force for liberation and freedom

The Israeli resistance March 2009

The media in Israel ignores domestic opponents of the war in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine - but their networks are growing. Hannah Safran looks at the lay of the land on the new Israeli left

The New Orleans intifada February 2009

More than Mardi Gras is happening here, a grass-roots movement is rising in the New Orleans Arab community, Jordan Flaherty reports

Waltz with Bashir is nothing but charade February 2009

The Israeli film considered favorite to win an Oscar for best foreign language film lost out, but Gideon Levy, for one, was not disappointed by this decision

Dissident Brits February 2009

British Jews are increasingly divided over Israeli policies towards the Palestinians. Antony Lerman reports on the dissident groups who are leading UK Jewish opposition to the war in Gaza

Behind the news: The great crime February 2009

The very existence of Israel is based on a refusal to treat the Palestinians on fair or equal terms, writes Arthur Goodman

Impartial or Cowardly? February 2009

Keith Somerville gives a journalist's view of the BBC's rejection of the DEC Gaza aid plea

A cowardly failure to act February 2009

Luisa Morgantini, MEP for the European United Left and vice president of the European Parliament, condemns Europe and the international community for its inaction over Israel and the Palestinians, and calls for tough action

The US and Israel February 2009

Behind Israel stands the richest and most powerful nation on earth. Without material support from the US, the onslaught on Gaza would not be possible, writes Mike Marqusee

After the neocons February 2009

The slaughter in Palestine has led to a significant breach in the walls of the Israel lobby in the US. For the first time, Jews who saw what the occupation was doing to the country are speaking out and setting up organisations that break with the traditional leadership, says Philip Weiss

Editorial: Parallel worlds February 2009

These days of putting together this issue of Red Pepper have been the days of the Gaza massacre. They have also been a time of two distinct political worlds. On the one hand, demonstrations that grew from one week to the next, bringing together Muslims and Jews to a unique extent; dissenting Jews across Israel, […]

Learning by number February 2009

Dear Auntie _ At one of the Gaza protests in London, Stop the War put the number of protesters at around 100,000 but the police insisted it was only 20,000. Can Auntie reassure me that the Met has a scientific methodology for estimating crowd numbers? _ Numberless in London

Still breathing January 2009

The Palestinian refusal to be broken is a call and challenge to us all, Caoimhe Butterly reports from Gaza

A house upon them January 2009

Ewa Jasiewicz speaks with the victims of Israels attacks

Kamal Odwan’s ‘mosque’ January 2009

Missiles have been falling throughout the afternoon 'ceasefire' reports Ewa Jasiewicz

The ceasefire January 2009

Ewa Jasiewicz in Beit Hanoun and Jabaliya

The truth about Gaza January 2009

In the face of many 'modern myths' currently being propagated, here's the truth, based on reports by the UN and ngos on the ground, including Israeli human rights groups. Drafted by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Bringing Hamas in from the cold January 2009

Bombing Hamas into Gaza's scorched earth will not change the rules of the game, says Arthur Neslen

Lemma, Haya and Iman January 2009

Ewa Jasiewicz reports from Beit Hanoon

Meaning of Israel’s attack on Gaza December 2008

Phyllis Bennis on holding Israel to account

There is a light … December 2008

The world must turn the light of conscience into activism, says Ewa Jasiewicz

Civilians dead December 2008

Ewa Jasiewicz reports from Gaza on the devastation wreaked by the Israeli air strikes

Gaza today: ‘This is only the beginning’ December 2008

Ewa Jasiewicz reports from Gaza on the 'darkest night people have seen in their lifetimes'

A walk in the hills December 2008

Once Raja Shehadeh would lose himself in long walks across the open countryside around his home in Ramallah on the West Bank. Israeli settlement in the Palestinian occupied territories has put a stop to that, with paths closed and the relaxing rambles turned into a challenge often marred by shootings, unpleasant encounters and threats of arrest for daring to walk in a land that has been claimed by strangers

The legacy of the Nakba July 2008

Academic institutions pride themselves on fostering freedom of expression and thought. But Israeli universities are accused of complicity in the silencing of Arab voices by British academics. Jaimie Kaffash reports

This is what you do June 2008

Hollow Land by Eyal Weizman, reviewed by Michael Kustow

Anti-semitism and the Israel lobby April 2008

In this extract from his book, If I Am Not for Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew, Mike Marqusee says that no one should be deterred from criticising the Israel lobby by charges of anti-semitism

The mega prison of Palestine March 2008

Ilan Pappe sees a deliberately genocidal policy by Israel towards the Palestinians

Talking with the enemy February 2008

Peace requires negotiating with your enemies, says Gerald Kaufman MP, Labour's shadow foreign secretary in the 1980s and 1990s. The Annapolis summit was a complete waste of time, he argues, and so will be any other attempt at a solution that does not involve negotiations with Hamas

American interest December 2007

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen M Walt (Allen Lane 2007), reviewed by Richard Kuper

Pluto threatened over Israel book October 2007

The publication of Joel Kovel's Overcoming Zionism has once again stoked controversy in the United States over academic criticism of Israel. David Castle, from the book's British publisher Pluto Press, argues that lobbying to silence criticism weakens the very academic debate the book's opponents claim to be defending.

Stop the Wall June 2007

In the first in a series on the networks and organisations that make up the global justice movement, Nadia Idle looks at the grassroots campaign against Israel's 'apartheid wall'

Globalisers with guns October 2006

The heady, optimistic days of the 1990s, when the end of the cold war seemed to usher in a new era of peaceful transformation across the globe seem a long way off now. Sergio Yahni looks at the rise of 'armed globalisation', before and since 9/11, and the special role of Israel in the so-called 'clash of civilisations'

Stop arming Israel! September 2006

A new campaign is focusing on the arms trade with Israel, targeting both the government and arms manufacturers. James O’Nions reports

Gaza stripped August 2006

As Israeli jets blast Beirut and other targets in Lebanon, the continuing siege of Gaza has turned into a wholesale onslaught on Palestinian democracy, says Mustafa Bhaghouti. Here he reports from Gaza and calls for international action in support of the Palestinian people [article written in August 2006]

Academic boycott May 2006

Issues such as boycott require some introductory remarks that are on the verge of the obvious, but nonetheless worth repeating. They can be summed up as a recognition of the uneasiness which accompany, and should accompany, any citizen who would call upon the outside world to boycott his or her own country. This means that any call for such a drastic action, should be thought over again and again and not taken easily off hand.

The new (and old) Hamas March 2006

What lay behind the sweeping victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections – and what will it do with its new-found power?

What can you do? January 2006

Convinced by the arguments on the Palestinian issue? Want to do something about it? Here's some suggestions.

Elections without a state January 2006

Palestinians will be going to the polls in January not to prepare for an independent state but to steel themselves against a crushing defeat

Singling out Israel January 2006

Its supporters constantly laud Israel as the only democratic country in the Middle East with the most moral army in the world. Why single it out for criticism, they ask

Stopping the Wall January 2006

‘Through our hands, the wall will fall!’ Under this slogan, the third ‘Week Against the Apartheid Wall’ (held during 9-16 November 2005) saw a fresh upsurge of popular resistance to Israel’s so-called ‘security wall’ in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Wherever Israeli bulldozers are destroying and isolating Palestinian homes, lands and water resources through the wall’s construction, people are standing up against the ghettoisation of their communities and the destruction of their livelihoods. From Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley, in Eizarya, Aboud and Anata and throughout Palestine, grassroots campaigners are mobilising in continuous protests against the wall and the occupation.

Palestine at the polls February 2005

Caroline Lucas draws inspiration from the recent Palestinian presidential election, but warns that US and Israeli policies still stand in the way of progress.

Yasser Arafat, 1929-2004 December 2004

To have seen Yasser Arafat's last days in Ramallah is to understand why dozens rather than thousands on 28 October saw off his helicopter from his compound in what turned out to be his last flight from Palestine.

‘I do not recognise the authority of the Israeli judiciary’ October 2004

Red Pepper contributor Ewa Jasiewicz says her recent expulsion from Tel Aviv is indicative of a widespread crackdown on international journalists and human rights activists in Israel

Notes from the West Bank: July 2004 August 2004

The impact of the proposed 650 km "security wall" being constructed by Israel inside the occupied West Bank has finally captured international attention. In late June the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that certain sections of the wall should be rerouted; and by mid-July, the International Court of Justice's opinion that the wall contravenes international and humanitarian law was overwhelmingly endorsed by a UN General Assembly vote. But less is known about the ongoing grass-roots Palestinian campaign against the wall - and the role that village women play.

Notes from the West Bank: 2 May 2004 July 2004

"We have been going for 50 years and will always find a way to meet." Gabby Baramki founder of the Jerusalem Choir

Notes from the West Bank: 1 April 2004 May 2004

Adah Kay has been keeping a diary on the Palestine/Israel frontline. Over the coming months in our print magazine, she will be offering a personal insight into life in the West Bank. Here is the first entry.

Friendless in Gaza April 2004

As long as the trade and investment opportunities in Palestine remain negligible, Britain will always support Israel.

Two states are neither possible nor desirable December 2003

While still small, the percentage of activists supporting a single-state solution to the Israel-Palestine question is, for the first time in decades, growing.

Choosing independence over apartheid December 2003

After decades of struggling to get Palestinian national rights recognised at the international level, any new initiative to abandon what has been achieved should be viewed with scepticism.

Israeli soldiers shoot to kill human rights observers April 2003

Human rights observers volunteering in the occupied territories claim the Israeli Defence Force is deliberately targeting them, writes Jan Goodey

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