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Politics by the people

Andrew Dolan interviews Eduardo Maura of Podemos, the people‑powered party that is transforming Spanish politics, Marina Prentoulis reports on how Greece’s highly successful new left party Syriza is aiming to take power with a new kind of organisation and Jonathon Shafi of the Radical Independence Campaign says it’s not finished yet.


The fight against ISIS in Kobane has been based on the Kurdish defenders’ deep-seated belief in their model of participatory democracy, writes Yvo Fitzherbert. Melanie Sirinathsingh puts the case for lifting the 'terror' ban on the PKK, and photos by Francis Wilmer from Haringey, north London, which has become a safe haven for Kurds in exile from their homeland.


After the People’s Climate March, Claire Walker looks at how the climate movement should build towards COP21 in Paris, and Maya Stacey writes on Reclaim the Power, the climate movement and the ongoing struggle for diversity

Essay: Defending rights against the right

The rights of those who have least are under concerted attack, says Nina Power. We must organise to protect them


An extract from Danny Dorling's new book, Inequality and the 1%, argues that we need a nonviolent war of attrition against the rich. Alan Simpson compares a book on the New Labour’s time in office to his experiences as a backbench socialist MP. Highlights from Martin Rowson’s new book, a collection of his work in the Cameron-Clegg era. And Siobhan McGuirk celebrates the solidarity – and humour – of a film about when lesbians and gays backed the miners.

Plus book reviews: Stop, Thief, After Occupy, Alternatives to Capitalism, World in Chains and more.


Jeremy Hardy's column, regular features including Under the Radar and Natural Born Rebel, and more.

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