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What’s in the latest issue of Red Pepper

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Cover story: Unmaking war 1914 - 2014

In the run-up to the centenary of the first world war, we look at those who oppose and act against state violence. Adam Hochschild writes about the thousands of Britons who struggled against the war and refused to fight, Satish Kumar considers whether nonviolence can go beyond being a tactic and instead act as a philosophy for transformation, and Cynthia Cockburn considers how women worlwide bring feminism to the fight against militarism.

In Pictures

Michelle Zellers introduces the work of a group of activist-photographers who documented a key episode in the US civil rights movement 50 years ago.


Five writers from the left across Europe consider the outcomes of the EU elections and  what it means for progressive politics, Mike Marqusee looks at how sport has become a carrier of neoliberal ideolog used to promote a competitive individualism, Ann McGauran examines how cuts and privatisation are taking their toll on undervalued homecare workers and the people they care for, and David Dunnico considers how the closure of nearly half of the public toilets across the UK affects public space.


Ewa Jasiewicz discusses the public art of Joanna Rajkowska, we reprint Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Nobel Lecture in Stockholm in 1982 to show how his famous literary style was rooted in his politics, Tom Gatehouse considers how Brazil's World Cup this summer is a far cry from 'A Copa de Todo Mundo' (A World Cup for Everyone).


Our reviewers look at Capital by Thomas Piketty, Out of Time by Lynne Segal, Israeli Apartheid by Ben White, Brazil's Dance with the Devil by David Zirin, and 30 years on from its first publication, Huw Beynon looks at The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against The Miners by Seamus Milne and considers its ongoing relevance for today.


Our columnists Jeremy Hardy, Mike Marqusee and Steve Platt, regular features including 'under the radar' and 'temperature gauge'.

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