The EU-Turkey deal is a disaster for refugees May 2016

In making a deal with Turkey, the EU is entrusting refugees to a government that cares little for their safety – and sponsors the terrorists they are fleeing from, writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann

Refugee crisis: the EU cracks down on volunteers March 2016

As Frontex moves in, volunteers in Greece are being prevented from helping refugees. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports

‘I could kill you here and no one would care’: The refugees at the sharp end of Europe’s borders February 2016

Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports from Lesbos on the dangers faced by refugees as they struggle through a system that puts border control before human life

A barricade in limbo: the occupiers of La Locanda January 2016

In the grey zone of Italy's migrant sector there is a courage that may hold hope for ending the border regimes of Europe, writes Richard Braude

Crossing No More December 2015

Samir Dathi & Marienna Pope-Weidemann report from the Greek-Turkish border and the deadly fence forcing refugees to cross the perilous Aegean sea

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about solidarity December 2015

'Not many people would stand by and watch someone drown if they had the chance to rescue them, but that is what Europe’s governments are doing'

Hiding the Crisis October 2015

When Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras showed up, the shameful reality of Camp Moria was hidden and thousands of people had disappeared. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports from Greece.

Ripping down fences October 2015

Emma Hughes spoke to Caoimhe Butterly about organising with refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos and dismantling borders

‘We’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel safe’: Refugees on the Serbia-Croatia border September 2015

Caoimhe Butterly hears the voices and experiences of some of the refugees making the long journey across Europe

‘We have been treated like animals’: Refugees refuse to be broken September 2015

While south-eastern Europe's leaders argue over the borders, thousands of refugees are stuck in the Balkans. Caoimhe Butterly reports from Belgrade

Before you go to Calais… How to make your help for refugees effective September 2015

Lots of people now want to help the refugees in Calais – but turning up unannounced with a van-load of stuff can do more harm than good. Kate Bradley looks at the best ways to make a difference

Ever-growing, ever-changing: Inside the Calais camp September 2015

The Calais refugee camp is starting to develop from tents to makeshift clinics, schools, cafes and more – but no one should have to live this way, writes Amy Corcoran

What the Calais ‘crisis’ reveals about racism July 2015

The deaths we have seen in Calais are not the first, and until Britain can come to terms with race and racism, they won’t be the last, says Zak Suffee

Free the women of Yarl’s Wood detention centre July 2015

After the success of a huge protest against detention in June Movement for Justice by Any Means Possible have called another Surround Yarl’s Wood demonstration on 8 August

No way in June 2015

The deaths of thousands of refugees in the Mediterranean are exactly what a ‘tough stance on immigration’ looks like, writes Alex Randall

Migrant Lives Matter: ideas for action June 2015

Notes on practical solidarity from a discussion with the Black Liberation Collective at Reclaim the Power camp. By Jenny Nelson

Immigration detention: resistance and rebellion March 2015

With protests and hunger strikes now taking place inside eight of the UK's detention centres, is this the beginning of the end for detention? asks Karen Doyle

‘Full of agony and pain’: one lesbian’s fight against the racist immigration system February 2015

Aderonke Apata, sentenced to death for her sexuality, fled to Britain – now she needs our support to win the right to stay, writes Howard Galois

Migrants already ‘pay their way’ – why should they have to pay medical bills too? January 2014

Plans to charge non-EU nationals for treatment will undermine the NHS – and could force them to choose between their health and paying the rent, writes Michael Pooler

Mythbuster: Immigration – the real story December 2012

Isabelle Koksal counters the right wing myths with some facts and figures

Common cause in labour December 2012

In France, Italy and elsewhere, migrants are organising, not just against racism but for their rights as workers. Vittorio Longhi reports

Essay: Europe’s hard borders December 2012

Matthew Carr investigates the brutal border regimes of our ‘gated continent’ and suggests the possibility of a different politics of solidarity

The people behind the prejudice December 2012

As part of Red Pepper's special issue on migration, Guy Taylor tells some stories of migrants' real lives

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about immigration October 2010

I’ve seen those criminals, bent double over the fields of Kent, up to no good

Get along, move along, shift… September 2010

The Roma are experiencing a fresh wave of repression across Europe. Leigh Phillips reports

Border stories October 2009

Frances Webber investigates the tabloid fantasies and desperate realities surrounding migrants in Calais

Asylum watch: Now what? March 2009

Labour says it is planning to 'simplify' immigration legislation. Frances Webber argues that its real agenda is to subvert human rights and give more power to the state

Unhealthy obsessions December 2008

Phil Woolas should stop worrying about poor people's fertility and tackle the real 'extremely thorny' question - rich people's wealth, says Bob Hughes

Workers of the world – welcome! November 2007

The British economy is reliant on migrant labour and has benefited greatly from the arrival of migrant workers from the new EU member states, argues Nigel Harris. An internationalist left should embrace the mobility of this new world working class, with its potential to redress global inequalities and end the scourge of xenophobia and war

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