New Cross fights new wave of housing privatisation November 2016

Lewisham residents object to a new trend in local authority housing developments

How to win a rent strike October 2016

Social networks are stronger than management hierarchies. David Dahlborn describes how the UCL rent strike won

The Divide: ‘must-watch’ documentary July 2016

Rosanna Hutchings from campaign group Renters' Rights London explains why they hosted a public screenings of this documentary

The resistible rise of urban dispossession in Europe May 2016

Stuart Hodkinson traces the effects of the housing crisis across Europe in light of a new report, 'Resisting Evictions Across Europe'

Housing is a mental health issue May 2016

Emma Snaith reports on the Focus E15 demonstration highlighting the link between a lack of decent social housing and poor mental health

Hiding homelessness: one family’s fight against ‘gatekeeping’ May 2016

Izzy Koksal reports on a campaign that shows how councils are using dirty tricks to deny housing help to people in need

End of the road for social housing? February 2016

Bob Colenutt looks at the disastrous consequences of the Housing and Planning Bill, which if passed will be the most significant change in the history of social housing

Emma and Bobby face eviction despite doing nothing wrong November 2015

Emma* tells us about her experience renting in London, the impact on her child and how she plans to fight back

Housing gains in Spain August 2015

Tom Youngman reports from Madrid on the Spanish housing movement fighting evictions and campaigning for the right to housing for all

Living co-operatively: everyday dissent June 2015

We go beyond protesting against the Tories' housing crisis, writes Amy Corcoran – we can start to construct co-operative alternatives

Sweets’ dreams June 2015

Families on the Sweets Way housing estate have lost plenty – but have also learnt the power of collective action, says Liam Barrington-Bush

The Aylesbury estate: the latest front in the battle against social cleansing February 2015

Morgan Meaker speaks to residents and campaigners fighting the London estate's demolition

Bursting the bubble: say no to MIPIM October 2014

Andy Edwards is part of the movement challenging the world’s biggest property fair as it comes to London

Social housing not social cleansing August 2014

Communities affected by the government’s housing policies are coming together to resist them, writes Vickie Cooper

London: not for sale March 2014

As the world's biggest property compaines meet to carve up our cities we must continue to fight back, writes Christine Haigh

Saving the estate October 2013

Residents have fought off University College London’s plans to ‘redevelop’ the Carpenters Estate, reports Kevin Blowe

Homes of our own: the growing student co-operative movement September 2013

Sean Farmelo is part of a group of Birmingham students involved in setting up a new student housing co-op

Squat rot: plans to extend squatting ban August 2013

Last September squatting in residential properties was criminalised. Now there are calls to extend the ban to commercial properties. Lorna Stephenson reports

David Harvey interview: The importance of postcapitalist imagination August 2013

From housing to wages, David Harvey says examining capitalism's contradictions can point the way towards an alternative world

Giving homeless young people a voice through theatre August 2013

Edd Mustill reviews Home, a play at the National Theatre Shed

Regulating the Rigsbys: the dodgy letting agents hitting the jackpot June 2013

Dry rot? Tough. You want your deposit back? No chance. Michael Pooler looks at how anyone with a phone line can become a private letting agent

Private tenants need protection May 2013

Jeremy Corbyn MP explains why legislation is urgently needed to help tenants who find themselves at the mercy of private landlords

US: Fighting foreclosures, making the banks pay April 2013

Stephen Lerner and Saqib Bhatti report on the scale of the housing crisis facing ordinary Americans post-crash, and the growth of housing justice and bank accountability activism across the US

Mythbuster: Home truths about housing April 2013

Red Pepper’s guide to the reality behind the housing crisis

Can’t pay, won’t move: resisting the bedroom tax April 2013

With a new raft of housing benefit cuts hitting this month, including the infamous ‘bedroom tax’, tenants are getting angry – and organised. Izzy Koksal meets some of them

Tenant troubles February 2013

The past year has seen the beginnings of a vibrant private tenants’ movement emerging. Christine Haigh reports

Lambeth’s short-life sell off December 2012

Lambeth brands itself a ‘co-operative council’ – but it is selling off properties currently run by housing co-ops, reports Lambeth Save Our Services

Dale Farm: The human cost of prejudice March 2012

As the displaced residents of Dale Farm in Essex face another round of forced evictions, Elly Robson talks to some of the families and examines the discrimination they face

‘The government may have trampled over democracy but people will still be squatting’ December 2011

Lorna Stephenson and Emma Hughes meet SQUASH, the squatters’ action group who have been ignored in the anti-squatting media furore

Housing: The market has failed December 2011

Bob Colenutt on a housing strategy for Britain 2011

Revenge of the repossessed July 2011

Stuart Hodkinson explores alternatives to the housing crisis

Housing cuts: Resistance begins at home February 2011

Isabel Parrott on what can be done to tackle the housing cuts

Saving council housing April 2009

A decade ago, with New Labour stepping up the Tory sell-offs, council housing seemed to be approaching extinction. Red Pepper looks at Defend Council Housing, a campaign that has stopped privatisation in its tracks

Alternative home sweet home April 2007

There are many ways to provide housing outside the simple rent or buy culture that dominates society, write Paul Chatterton, Larch Maxey and Jenny Pickerill

Squatting for beginners June 2004

If you have nowhere to live and little money, squatting may be your best hope of a roof over your head, writes Jim Paton of the Advisory Service for Squatters

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