Guerrilla guides

Going into Labour February 2016

You’ve joined the Labour Party – now how can you make your voice heard in its structures? Let Michael Calderbank guide you

Digital security for activists April 2014

Lee Knox gives his top ten tips on how to keep your data from prying eyes

How to avoid burnout July 2013

The London Roots Collective shares its tips on how to be an effective, radical and sustainable activist

Starting a workers’ co-op January 2013

Why suffer the tyranny of a boss when you can set up your own democratic workplace? Seeds for Change Lancaster provides some pointers

Guerrilla guide: Boycott, divestment, sanctions July 2012

As the Co-op announces a boycott of companies exporting from West Bank settlements, Tom Anderson explains how to do ‘BDS’

Edible treasures: foraging for food July 2011

Forget plastic packaging – foraging can be sustainable and fun, writes Sophie Haydock

Surviving the royal wedding April 2011

Lorna Stephenson passes the sick bag as the press fills up with right royal rubbish

Cyber-activism February 2011

Lorna Stephenson explores the perks and pitfalls of virtual organising

Our right to reply September 2010

Fed up of the colonisation of public space by corporations? Try a little subvertising...

Feminist parenting July 2010

Not sure where to start? Then let the CRAP! (that's Child Rearing Against Patriarchy) collective lead the way with this nine-point guide. It's as easy as chaining yourself to a runaway rollercoaster...

Zine team June 2010

Red Chidgey explains the key steps to making and distributing your own zine

Digging the dirt October 2009

Corporate Watch provides the rundown on researching corporations

Unionising your workplace December 2008

A ten-step guide to workplace organisation from scratch. By Patrick Smith

Fighting to stay November 2008

Jessica Charsley of Manchester No Borders offers a ten-step guide to building an anti-deportation campaign

Guerrilla guides: making the news September 2008

Want to get your campaign noticed? Symon Hill provides a ten-step guide to media-friendly activism

The reel thing January 2008

Documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor shares her guerrilla tips for capturing the real world on reel

Pitch battles October 2007

Anne Coddington and Mark Perryman introduce the fan-led counterculture resisting football's transformation from people's game to corporate plaything

Pick up a penguin July 2007

The Linux open-source computer operating system isn't just for geeks. Dave Sambrook explains how to try out the free alternative to Microsoft Windows

Ads Nauseam June 2007

From zitty to pretty Recently, I was struck by a busstop billboard for a well-known teenage brand, stating that using its product will help you go ‘from zitty to pretty’ and be ‘clear-skin gorgeous in only four hours’. There’s no hidden meaning, it’s a simple message: if you have spots, even the slightest pimple, then […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle May 2007

How far do you follow the three 'R's of a zero-waste lifestyle philosophy? Tamanna Kalhar suggests some key strategies to help you earn extra eco-friendly brownie points

Alternative home sweet home April 2007

There are many ways to provide housing outside the simple rent or buy culture that dominates society, write Paul Chatterton, Larch Maxey and Jenny Pickerill

Aiding the blockade February 2007

From academic seminars to birthday parties, there are no end of ways to blockade Faslane, writes Hilary Wainwright

Resolutionary politics December 2006

Clothes swapping, car sharing and joining a 'green gym'. Fiona Osler offers some planet-saving alternatives to the usual New Year's resolutions

Exit strategies November 2006

Death can become you. Fiona Osler investigates the green and non-religious alternatives for seeing off this mortal coil

(Un)funny money October 2006

If you've got money to invest, how do you invest it ethically (apart from putting it into Red Pepper)? Fiona Osler offers a beginners' guide to socially responsible investment

Off-Gassing and how to avoid it September 2006

With the news that solar panels can now be bought on the high street, Red Pepper turns its hand to a spot of green DIY

Video killers August 2006

Video games are not all about Billy-no-mates living out pixilated fantasies in a virtual world. There are now a multitude of games, some subversive, and some extremely jingoistic, that engage with political realities. Shamil Khan presents a guide to what’s what in the world of political video gaming and literally cost the earth as well as your pocket

Something borrowed, something green July 2006

Weddings can literally cost the earth as well as your pocket. Tamanna Kalhar advises on saying ‘I do’ with ethically sound conviction

The eyes have it June 2006

Fed up with the mainstream news agenda? Got a story to tell but no contacts to help you? Then arm yourself with a video camera and follow Suzanne Fane-Saunders’ tips for guerilla filming and let the credits roll

That will be the booze talking May 2006

There's no longer any need to wait until the pub closes to start the revolution with a guide to ethical drinking

Shopping without cruelty April 2006

No excuses. How to make sure that your shopping is cruelty free

Spring cleaning the eco-friendly way March 2006

Get ready to spring clean the house while retaining a toxic-free environment with Joanna Peios

Natural Nursery January 2006

The Natural Nursery offers tips on how to do without all that useless paraphenalia for parents, proving that less is definitely more when it comes to bringing up baby the eco-friendly way

The clean green route to power December 2005

Global warming may be gathering pace, but forecasters predict a cold winter. So how do we warm ourselves without warming the planet? Jeff Rice offers a guide

Give me the music to free my soul November 2005

The record companies are up in arms about music sharing over the internet. Susan D Seeking offers a guide to free, almost-free and paid-for sources

G8 Protests July 2005

Lucky enough to get time off to head to the G8? Natasha Grzincic and Stuart Hodkinson bring you Red Pepper's indispensable guide to resisting world leaders and staying alive in Scotland

Access all areas February 2005

Ever wanted to know who was responsible for closing your local swimming pool? Or about decisions to repatriate asylum seekers? Or how much of your cash goes to arms dealers? Well, the Freedom of Information Act could help you do so. Katherine Haywood offers advice on how to use it

Spin your own web November 2004

Need to build a website but can't be bothered with all that coding malarkey? Then relax - this handy guerilla guide shows the way to cut corners and still get your point across on the web

Dig for victory September 2004

Armed with nothing more than trowels and a vision, guerilla gardeners are part Alan Titchmarsh, part Che Guevara. Their green acts of disobedience are transforming cityscapes around the world. By Joanne Clarkson

Creative occupation August 2004

Protest doesn't have to be po-faced. Black-clad posturing and worthy hand-wringing are all well and good, but sometimes you just want to dance. "Creative occupation" is party as protest - be it dancing on the motorway or raving on the tube. It creates spaces for individual and communal expression in defiance of global McMonoculture. Everyone's invited

On the blag July 2004

For too long the art of ligging, blagging and bullshitting has been the preserve of the rich, well-connected and good-looking. Here, the Brotherhood of Blaggers gives you the inside skinny on getting stuff for free. Browse though our smorgasbord of blags and prepare to exact revenge on money-hungry corporates the world over

Squatting for beginners June 2004

If you have nowhere to live and little money, squatting may be your best hope of a roof over your head, writes Jim Paton of the Advisory Service for Squatters

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