Musings of an urban market gardener November 2014

A new book from OrganicLea, the food growing cooperative in East London, ponders the personal and political of growing food

Debate: GM is good for you January 2014

There’s nothing inherently wrong with genetic modification, argues Leigh Phillips, and the left shouldn’t side with those who suggest there is. Below, Emma Hughes responds

The politics of bread January 2014

Ruth Potts and Molly Conisbee guide us through the many struggles organised around bread, arguing that the humble loaf is the foodstuff of revolution

Twenty years of peasant organising July 2013

Adam Payne of the newly-formed Landworkers’ Alliance in the UK reports from La Via Campesina's global conference

The horsemeat scandal: Why vegetarians should worry too February 2013

It’s not just meat that’s hiding secrets behind the label, writes Gary Craig

An appetite for change in the food system October 2012

James O’Nions investigates the potential for a movement for food sovereignty in Britain

A cagey business March 2012

Richard Kuper reads two books which consider the grotesque realities of industrial meat production and the wilful 'forgetting' needed to accept them.

Don’t feed the world? How food aid can do more harm than good January 2012

While the media again reports 'famine in the horn of Africa' caused by 'drought', Rasna Warah looks at the real reasons why people are going hungry

Food for thought: food sovereignty in Europe December 2011

Dan Iles hears from food sovereignty activists from across the continent

Somalia: shocking images aren’t enough November 2011

Marilyn McHarg, from Médecins sans Frontières, argues that aid groups don't discuss the reasons for food shortages

Steal this veg July 2011

Urban agriculture can challenge the priorities of the capitalist city, writes Chiara Tornaghi

Biotech bonanza November 2009

Last year's global food crisis made millions for agro-giant Monsanto. Tim Hunt fails to find any redeeming features in this corporate behemoth

Hungry for change November 2009

Britain's food policies could set us on the road to a healthy, ethical and sustainable food system. Yet government action so far has been inadequate and contradictory, says Kath Dalmeny

Feeding the city November 2009

Matt Sellwood profiles a Hackney organisation that is trying to change the way the London borough gets and eats its food

The great global land grab November 2009

The global food crisis has prompted various rich countries to start buying up land in the poorer world to secure their food supplies. As well as affecting domestic food supplies in the countries affected, Sue Branford says it could be a time bomb for the world's ability to cope with climate change

Reclaiming our food system October 2009

Democratising our food system is the key to securing the right to food and sustainability, writes James O'Nions

The troubles with food April 2008

Food prices have soared over the past year. One might think that this would provide a welcome boost to the incomes of the world's poorest people, most of whom are farmers and farm workers. But it doesn't work that way, as Raj Patel explains

Pubs August 2007

The pub is a British institution under threat. By Derek Wall

Campaigners hold supermarkets to account May 2004

Some of the UK's leading supermarkets face an uncomfortable summer as campaign groups aim to hold corporate retailers to account for their impact on people and the environment.

GM: where do we go from here? December 2003

The GM field trials were deliberately rigged to prove it was safe to go ahead with the cultivation of genetically-modified crops. The tactic failed. So what will the government do now?

Government GM advisers warn over contamination risk August 2003

Environmentalists have seized on comments made by the government's GM advisers warning about the risk of contamination by GM oilseed rape.

The GM Debate August 2003

While concern over GM foods and their possible health risks is increasing among the public, the government seems to be undermining the GM debate by hurrying through decisions and limiting public input into the review.

MEP vote puts new GM foods on the shelf July 2003

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted through legislation to pave the way for the sale of new GM food products in the EU for the first time since a moratorium was imposed five years ago.

Strange fruit November 1999

When they say we cannot feed the world without chemicals and biotechnology, they are lying, writes Jules Pretty

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