Five songs for the Thatcher funeral party

On this sad day for the nation, Oscar Reyes suggests some tunes to help us all remember
8 April 2013

Street party following death of Thatcher

The Larks - Maggie Maggie Maggie (out out out)

Maggie Maggie Maggie

Out! Out! Out!

Heffner - The Day That Thatcher Dies

We will laugh the day that Thatcher dies,

Even though we know it's not right,

We will dance and sing all night.

Elvis Costello - Tramp the Dirt Down

Oh I'll be a good boy, I'm trying so hard to behave

Because there's one thing I know, I'd like to live

Long enough to savor

That's when they finally put you in the ground

I'll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down

Newtown Neurotics - Kick out the Tories

Lets kick out the Tories

the rulers of this land

for they are the enemies

of the British working man

and it shows, while that bastard is in unemployment grows

and it shows, in hospitals, factories and the schools that they've closed.

V.I.M - Maggie's Last Party

(sampling Maggie:)

It's a party, It's a party... yes, yes, yes!


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berni 8 April 2013, 13.47

what about billy joels “only the good die young” ?

Davy King 8 April 2013, 13.50

As one of the long-term unemployed, I suffered under Thatcher’s rule. I remember when I was living in Scotland & she tried to impose the Poll Tax on us up there before the rest of Britain – meant to be a punishment for not electing Scottish Tory MPs I think.

Here are some things I prepared earlier in anticipation of this glorious day of her long-awaited demise:

As she herself put it: REJOICE!

Donnacha DeLong 8 April 2013, 14.28

No Coal Not Dole?

Oscar Reyes 8 April 2013, 14.55

Nice suggestions, Bernie and Donnacha. This was a quick list, but we’re already getting plenty more great suggestions. Keep them coming!

@MaximeCombes reminds us that Maggie hatred also crossed the channel, with Renaud’s Miss Maggie:

@KateChallender suggests Frank Turner, Thatcher Fucked the Kids, which sounds like a good one for the post-party campfire:

@m_pattison recommends The Specials’ cover of Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm :

Cris S Marchan comes up with John McCullagh’s catchy, folksy “I’ll Dance On Your Grave Mrs Thatcher”

and Sarah Irving’s list
includes another “Day that Margaret Thatcher Dies”, this time by Pete Wylie, as well as this apt (if rather tuneless) Attila the Stockbroker effort
Maggots 1 – Maggie Nil :

& for completists, Buzzfeed comes up with a list of 21 Maggie songs that includes some of those featured above:
Given David Cameron’s love of The Smiths, I hope Morrissey’s “Margaret on the Guillotine” makes a number of playlists too

chris 8 April 2013, 15.08

Being a fan of musicals, this comes to mind:

Bob 8 April 2013, 15.14

Sure are some sick people in the UK.

Oscar Reyes 8 April 2013, 15.30

and “We Love You Mrs Thatcher”

there can scarcely ever have been another politician who inspired such musical vitriol!

Also, given how Thatcher’s support for apartheid and denunciation of Mandela as a “terrorist” seems to have been airbrushed from obit-history, no playlist should be complete without The Specials’ “Nelson Mandela” :

Toby Mitchell-Hill 8 April 2013, 15.40

A song for Margaret Thatcher.

Oscar Reyes 8 April 2013, 17.03

I avoided posting this one, partly because I think it’s rather unfair to witches, and partly because it’s directly referenced in the Hefner song, but it’s worth noting that this has already attracted hundreds of anti-Thatcher comments:

and that there’s a Facebook campaign to install the far more listenable Ella Fitzgerald version as number 1:

Ding dong!

tev 8 April 2013, 18.46

Sarah Irving 8 April 2013, 18.47

Since someone kindly linked to my post above, I’ve also added a rather excellent slow-country number by Don Valley & the Rotherhides to the list at:

Amy 8 April 2013, 20.23

“When I looked at the bigger picture I saw the rich getting richer… is this an economic nightmare or just Maggie Thatcher’s dream?”

lorenzo 8 April 2013, 22.33


lorenzo 8 April 2013, 22.39

oh,eh,don’t cry for me Argentina,the truth is i never left you ?

tom 9 April 2013, 00.44

Susan 9 April 2013, 18.19

Letter from America by the Proclaimers is certainly personal to me and making me want to cry rather than celebrate. Also, Billy Bragg’s Which Side Are You On?

Mick W 10 April 2013, 07.05

Here’s another cracker to put up on the site – Thatcher’s children continuing the damage….
States Of Unrest’s ‘I fucking hate the Tories!’

Steve R 11 April 2013, 14.33

Do not gloat when your enemy falls;
When he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice…
Proverbs 24:17

Just a thought, people. She helped free millions of Eastern Europeans from totalitarianism. Think on.


enraged 12 April 2013, 07.36

the wretched bitch is dead. but this sickening filth still persists and that’s her legacy. we all downtrodden, let’s unite and cleanse that neoliberal squalor once for all! and don’t forget: the responsables have to be punished! this mf.-ing bloodymary escaped the hangman’s rope. don’t let the others from her ilk to be so lucky

enraged 12 April 2013, 07.52

cameron, clegg, osborne, merkel, orbán… what a wonderful chain-gang! tey just need to be shipped to a penal colony. and this is a humane kind of punishment meted to them. they deserve a much harsher one.

Paul Woods 12 April 2013, 13.24

Although the Elvis Costello rendering of Tramp the Dirt Down has to be up there, so should Post War Dream by Pink Floyd:

what have we done maggie what have we done
what have we done to england
should we shout should we scream
“what happened to the post war dream?”
oh maggie maggie what have we done?

However a memory of mine is still The Clash’s London Calling from Billy Elliot. I know it was a movie but as I hail from the North East this was and is very real.


Derek 12 April 2013, 17.35

Ghost Town by the Specials

Jessie 12 April 2013, 18.12

‘Stand Down Margaret’ by the Beat

Rupert Ferguson 13 April 2013, 00.29

This one is always good for a laugh and doesn’t seem to have made any of the other playlists….

Marc Chevallier 17 April 2013, 06.45

A little video I made at a Chumbawamba concert at Sidmouth Folk Week back in 2010. The song has now appeared on the EP CD, got it now. Too late for late comers though…

Marc Chevallier 17 April 2013, 07.55

Don’t forget UB 40’s “Madam Medusa”

one of many versions on YouTube

Alfinete 15 May 2013, 07.45

This one is in French and pretty old too, but quite good : it is a song from Renaud, French singer, in the 1980’s. He sings “I’d turn into a dog if I want to stay on Earth, and for daily street light, I’d choose Mrs Thatcher” and also “For no woman on Earth will ever be more count than her brother, except maybe Mrs Thatcher”. Here you are :

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