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Book review: Angry White People: Coming Face to Face With the British Far-Right December 2016

Hilary Aked gets close up with the British far right in Hsiao-Hung Pai's latest release

The Brexit nightmare June 2016

Tom Walker imagines waking up screaming at the hard-right ascendancy following a referendum Out vote

If I can’t dance dabke in Nigel Farage’s local pub, it’s not my revolution March 2015

As the far right steps up its harassment of the organisers of the Beyond UKIP Cabaret, Ewa Jasiewicz shares what the event meant to her

Blair Peach: Blood on the streets November 2014

David Renton recalls the events in Southall in 1979 at which the anti-fascist demonstrator, Blair Peach, was murdered by police

Taking on the ‘fruitcakes’: how can we stop UKIP? September 2013

The breakthrough for UKIP in May’s local elections raises the danger of a long‑term shift to the right in British politics. Richard Seymour considers where UKIP’s vote is coming from and how the left needs to respond

Anti-fascism after Woolwich September 2013

The sudden resurgence of an apparently dwindling English Defence League after Lee Rigby’s murder at Woolwich suggests anti-fascists need to rethink their strategy, argue South London Anti-Fascists

Dawn of a new danger December 2012

The world’s media has gone into a panic about Greek fascists Golden Dawn. Here, Yiorgos Vassalos examines their neo-Nazi politics and the reasons for their support

Bashing the fash January 2012

An extended interview with Red Action activists on how they fought the fascists - literally

From toe-hold to no hold: football and the EDL November 2011

Jim Keoghan looks at the campaign to kick the English Defence League out of football

After the deluge June 2010

With BNP councillors wiped out on Barking council, Michael Calderbank considers the local Labour party's chances of keeping them out for good

Europe’s far right rises August 2009

The British National Party will be joined in the European parliament by far-right parties from across the continent. But how much support are fascists and racists really picking up? Tom Walker investigates

Beating back the BNP in Barnsley August 2009

There is certainly a need for new ways of taking on the BNP, says Paul White, but that doesn't mean ditching the old ways as well

A winning formula August 2009

Paul Meszaros of Hope not Hate says that Keiron Farrow's analysis of the BNP threat is complacent and self-indulgent

Anti-fascism isn’t working August 2009

The British National Party's continuing electoral advances have propelled the party onto the national stage and initiated a debate about why it is achieving historically unprecedented results for the far right in Britain. What is driving its recent successes, how might it be stopped and what is the role of the left in this effort? This debate is essentially over strategy: about our relation to anti-fascism and what it ought to be in today's conditions. There is one question that is not being asked, though: is 'anti-fascism' the answer to the BNP? Keiron Farrow says it isn't

Far right prospects in the European elections May 2009

Graeme Atkinson on the far right parties and candidates standing in the upcoming European Parliament elections

Holding back the BNP May 2009

The British National Party (BNP) sees the European Parliament elections as a key opportunity to advance its influence. Andy Bowman reports on the campaign to keep them out of their target seats in the north-west of England

Making music matter June 2008

The organisers claimed it as a huge success. But the BNP continued its advance in local elections and won a seat on the London Assembly a few days later anyway. So what did the Love Music Hate Racism carnival in east London in April achieve, and what is the importance of such events for the left in the future? Lena De Casparis and Alex Nunns report

Nothing is more important June 2008

Jon Cruddas and Nick Lowles argue that the rise of the far right presents a challenge that the left has so far proved unable to meet

Hammering the BNP June 2008

We must take on the far right by the force of our arguments, says Stuart Weir

A class act in Oxford October 2007

A small left party, pro-working class and anti-multiculturalism, has been winning council seats on Britain's largest council estate. Zoe Jewell reports

Activists fight the BNP out of the North East August 2007

Nooshin Shabani reports on anti-BNP campaigning in the region

Defeating the BNP in Yorkshire May 2005

Peter Lazenby reports from Calderdale, where anti-fascists have overcome a BNP intimidation campaign to organise an effective challenge to the rise of the far right

What now for anti-fascists? June 2004

Searchlight editor Steve Silver says that the left must show it has better answers to the concerns of ordinary people than the BNP

Crunch time in the north June 2004

In the European elections British National Party leader Nick Griffin needs just 9 per cent of the vote to be elected as an MEP for the northwest of England. Natasha Grzincic reports on the anti-fascists battling to defeat him.

Accidental votes of an anarchist June 2004

Dear Subcomandauntie, I have a dilemma. As an anarchist, I have no time for voting in elections, but I really don't want the BNP to get in where I live in London. Should I vote even though it would only legitimise the corrupt parliamentary tyranny? And if so, who should I vote for? Yours, An agitated agitator

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