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Lambeth library occupiers are renewing the anti-cuts struggle April 2016

Simon Hardy looks at what led community campaigners to occupy their local library in south London – and says others should follow their example

Red carpets and purple flares: direct action with Sisters Uncut February 2016

Clare Walton reports on Sisters Uncut, the grassroots group taking direct action to defend domestic violence services

On our own terms October 2015

Emma Hughes spoke to Andy Greene from Disabled People Against Cuts

After the election: picking up the pieces May 2015

Without pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will is useless, writes Luke Cooper

‘Don’t mourn, organise’ – OK, but how? May 2015

The left must re-think its strategy and methods of organisation after the election, writes Michael Calderbank – not just throw ourselves back into the same schemes that aren't working

Don’t believe the claims about Tower Hamlets – the devil is in the detail December 2014

Rabina Khan, cabinet member for housing in Tower Hamlets council, defends its record in the face of government-led attacks

Inconvenienced: how the cuts have hit public toilets June 2014

Over the past decade, nearly half of the country’s public toilets have been closed. David Dunnico considers how their disappearance affects the public space

Who cares? Life as a care worker June 2014

Cuts and privatisation are taking their toll on undervalued home care workers and the people they care for. Ann McGauran reports

Demonstration to save the University of London Union November 2013

Students and workers to mobilise on Wednesday 13th November to fight the closure of ULU

Young Writers’ Competition August 2013

Win £100 and your writing published in Red Pepper

We could have won! July 2013

Mike Marqusee looks back at the rate-capping revolt of the 1980s, and how close it came to victory

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about people’s concerns July 2013

'Most people are not cold-blooded and are quite shocked when they learn how low benefits actually are'

The People’s Assembly: making a movement? May 2013

The People’s Assembly will bring together thousands of anti-cuts campaigners and trade unionists in June. Red Pepper asks Owen Jones what the assembly might add to existing anti‑cuts initiatives

Debate: Is the ‘co-op council’ really co-operating with cuts? March 2013

Local Labour councillor Edward Davie says Red Pepper’s recent article on Lambeth’s ‘co-operative council’ was disappointing. Below, council trade unionist Jon Rogers responds

Workfare: a policy on the brink February 2013

Warren Clark explains how the success of the campaign against workfare has put the policy’s future in doubt

Co-operating with cuts in Lambeth February 2013

Isabelle Koksal reports on how Lambeth’s ‘co-operative council’ is riding roughshod over co-operative principles in its drive for sell-offs and cuts in local services

Labour and the cuts: beyond the ‘dented shield’ January 2013

The scale of coalition cuts means the very future of local public services is in jeopardy. Michael Calderbank asks whether Labour councillors can do more than offer verbal protest and practical acquiescence

Care in crisis December 2012

Lorna Stephenson reports on how cuts are hitting elderly care – and what the newly privatised sector looks like

Able to fight: How disabled people are taking on the Tories August 2012

As the Paralympics open, disabled people are facing an onslaught of cuts. But as Lorna Stephenson discovers, disabled activists are a force to be reckoned with

UK Uncut London Street Party May 2012

Video: Footage from the UK Uncut London street party on 26 May

Nothing to do, nowhere to go – how cuts hit kids May 2012

As the summer holidays approach, Lorna Stephenson investigates the impact of cuts on playschemes and youth centres

Why I resigned from the Green Party April 2012

Joseph Healy, a founder member of the Green Left, explains why he left the Green Party of England and Wales

May elections – TUSC: Opposing all the cuts April 2012

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing candidates for the London assembly and elsewhere in the local elections on 3 May. Red Pepper spoke to Nick Wrack, a member of the TUSC national committee and number two on its slate of candidates in London

On the warpath: rambling and the cuts December 2011

Ramblers’ rights are about more than just a few footpaths, says Mike Parker

All work and no pay – the rise of workfare November 2011

Anne-Marie O’Reilly and Warren Clark report on plans to extend ‘welfare-to-work’

The assault on public services – how can the unions fight back? October 2011

Canadian trade unionists Michael Hurley and Sam Gindin propose new strategies for a labour movement facing new challenges

Organising ourselves September 2011

Anne-Marie O’Reilly presents a roundtable discussion of grassroots community organisers

Big Society brings little aid May 2011

Jon Robins investigates what the cuts will mean for the vital advice that Citizens Advice Bureaux provide

After the flash bulb May 2011

Student article competition winner Kit Withnail calls for others to stand with the movement

Holyrood hopes April 2011

Ken Ferguson asks how the Scottish left can respond to anger at the Westminster cuts consensus

Anti-cuts: Alliance of defiance February 2011

Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Lewisham... Jim Cranshaw and Emma Hughes talk to local anti-cuts campaigners

Local government fighting back? February 2011

Bob Colenutt on the reaction of local government to the cuts, and the influence of the May council elections.

Small movers in the big society February 2011

Donald Morrison reports on a community social enterprise in Salford

‘Don’t blame us, guv!’ Can councillors resist the cuts? February 2011

Do councillors have no choice but to deliver the cuts hammer blow, or can they fight back? Michael Calderbank investigates

Big Society? Big deal February 2011

Richard Goulding investigates the reality behind the 'Big Society' rhetoric

Both a borrower and a lender be January 2011

We should extend libraries far beyond books, argues Tim Hunt

Don’t be quiet please January 2011

Donald Morrison looks at the struggle to save our libraries

There is an alternative – unlock the surplus December 2010

UK companies are sitting on £600 billion, writes Duncan Weldon

‘We don’t have a blueprint’ September 2010

Clifford Singer talks to Paul Mackney from the new 'Coalition of Resistance'

Back to business as usual August 2010

Hugo Radice looks at the Tories' so-called Office for Budget Responsibility and its role in the coalition's cuts agenda

No turning back August 2010

To respond effectively to the coming onslaught, we will have to engage with a deep crisis of working class confidence. To do so requires not only vigorous, unapologetic counter-propaganda, but collective action

Welfare to worklessness August 2010

The Conservative-Lib Dem coalition plans to complete the dismantling of the welfare state and penalise the vulnerable, argues Robert Taylor. We need a new progressive strategy on employment

Countering the cuts myths August 2010

The government and the press say we are in the grip of a debt crisis caused by the 'bloated' public sector. Here, Red Pepper debunks the myths used to push cuts to jobs and public services

A new kind of angry brigade August 2010

The coalition could be making a massive mistake if it believes that resistance will be confined to an isolated rump of beleaguered union activists and 'usual suspect' protesters, writes Michael Calderbank

A neoliberal assault on women July 2010

The coalition's cuts will hit women hardest, says Tim Hunt, as he lays out a gender audit of the budget

All together now July 2010

The feminist fightback against cuts needs to come from the grassroots, says Siobhan McGuirk

Together we can win July 2010

Grass-roots women's campaigns are mobilising to fight the cuts on the frontline. Red Pepper spoke to women from five organisations, who explained how they are working to combat the impacts of the cutbacks

Slash and burn at the Beeb July 2010

The BBC has barely been out of the headlines in recent months, not least since the publication of its major strategy review. Siobhan McGuirk asked trade unionists and industry figures what they think needs to change at the corporation

All together now January 2010

With public sector spending cuts the new orthodoxy, the trade union movement needs to mobilise a stronger counter-attack, argues Heather Wakefield of public sector union Unison

Busting the straitjacket January 2010

Rolling back the new 'common sense' of spending cuts may seem like a difficult job, but it's not impossible, says Mike Marqusee

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