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Izzy Koksal

Hiding homelessness: one family’s fight against ‘gatekeeping’ May 2016

Izzy Koksal reports on a campaign that shows how councils are using dirty tricks to deny housing help to people in need

Lean Out April 2016

Lean Out, by Dawn Foster, reviewed by Izzy Koksal

The home front December 2014

Izzy Koksal reports on the London Coalition Against Poverty, which is at the forefront of direct action-based community organising

The Squatters’ Movement in Europe October 2014

The Squatters' Movement in Europe: Commons and autonomy as alternatives to capitalism, by Squatting Europe Kollective, reviewed by Izzy Koksal

The Village Against the World January 2014

The Village Against the World, by Dan Hancox, reviewed by Izzy Koksal

Can’t pay, won’t move: resisting the bedroom tax April 2013

With a new raft of housing benefit cuts hitting this month, including the infamous ‘bedroom tax’, tenants are getting angry – and organised. Izzy Koksal meets some of them

The Red Pepper round-up: 14 September September 2012

A selection of ace articles and videos from this week and upcoming actions for the following week, by Izzy Koksal

The Red Pepper round-up: 7 September September 2012

Red Pepper’s weekly round-up of the left around the web, with Izzy Koksal

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