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What’s in our June/July issue


Police camera activism

Watching the watchers
‘Sousveillance’ turns the cameras on those who normally do the surveillance. By Clare Coatman

From Orgreave to the City
Police brutality is nothing new. Rhian Jones compares the recent history with today

Off the ball
Steve Powell from the Football Supporters’ Federation calls foul on police action against fans

Give it arrest
Tariq Mehmood tells how he suffered at the hands of police stop and search

Stop and search
The Terrorism Act dramatically increased police powers. David Mery gives the lowdown

ESSAY: Feelbad Britain and the future of the left
Pat Devine and David Purdy argue that the left’s lack of a positive project allowed neoliberalism to triumph in the 1980s – and we need to avoid making that mistake again. Alex Nunns and Siobhan McGuirk respond

Green Pepper

Meltdown politics
Larry Elliott reviews Paul Mason’s new book Meltdown

Avoiding a green bad deal
Investing our hopes in green growth or new technological fixes will not avert the climate crisis. So what will? By Oscar Reyes

What’s the deal?
Davy Jones talks to Caroline Lucas about the fate and future of the green new deal

The state of the movement
Andy Bowman asks: did the G20 protests unite the left?

Apathy of the discontented
In the light of the Euro-elections, Leigh Phillips asks who pulls the strings in Europe . Plus an interview with Swedish MEP Carl Schlyter

Educate, agitate, occupy!
Kate Ferguson reports from the occupation of the Visteon car parts factory in north London

Steve Cohen: a tribute
Steve Cohen was a fierce opponent of racism in all its forms and a pioneer of the No Borders movement



Beyond the Taliban
Mohammad Asif looks at the roots of the Pashtun resistance

A brief history
To understand Afghanistan today, we need to look at the part played by competing imperial powers in its past. Jane Shallice offers a guide

Latin America

After the handshake
But how far do Barack Obama’s policies point to a real change in US/Latin American relations? By Grace Livingstone


Playing the Great Game
The Great Game theatre production brings Afghanistan to the fore as one of the central political issues in the coming years. Co-director Indhu Rubasingham reflects on the project

Inspirational history, practical handbook
Laurie Penny reviews Ireland’s Hidden Diaspora, about Irish women’s struggle for reproductive freedom

Singing to a different tune
Rock stars take the power back from the record companies. By Paul Campbell

Photo essay: No land’s men – the struggle for Calais
The EU’s harsh immigration policies mean Calais is witnessing a humanitarian crisis unheard of in modern western Europe. Alex Clarke reports, with photos by Julie Rebouillat

Billy Hayes

Rank:picturing the social order

Plus all our other regulars


Agony Subcomandauntie

The world according to Steve Platt

Mike Marqusee: Contending for the living
Tom Paine, restless democrat

Natural born rebel
Guilty as not charged

Democracy now
The party isn’t over


2 October 2007

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