9 September

'God of the poor man, this is how the day began _ Eight co-defendants, I, Daniel Berrigan _ Oh and only a layman's batch of napalm _ We pulled the draft files out _ We burned them in the parking lot _ Better the files than the bodies of children _ I had no right but for the love of you _ I had no right but for the love of you' _ Dar Williams, I had no right
September 2009

Today in 1980 the radical priest and poet Daniel Berrigan and seven others were arrested in the first plowshares action after hammering the nose cones of two missiles at the GE plant in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The plowshares eight also poured blood on documents and offered prayers for peace.

Convicted of burglary, conspiracy and criminal mischief, they were sentenced to prison terms of five to ten years. After ten years of appeals, the group was re-sentenced and paroled for up to 23 months in consideration of time already served in prison.

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