20 September

'The Court is persuaded that Musa Anter, a political figure and a well-known pro-Kurdish writer, long known for his involvement in public life, was particularly likely to be attacked.' _ Article 2, Anter and others v. Turkey
September 2009

Kurdish writer, Musa Anter was killed by gunshots in Diyarbakir, on this day in 1992. Anter was struck by four bullets and died soon after. A previously unknown group, Boz-Ok, claimed responsibility, but editors at Yeni Ulke, the Kurdish newspaper that he wrote for blamed the state.

'You could say "What is the point of knowing about such a dull and backward life?" I think there is a reason. We know that experiments on mice and rabbits have resulted in many lives being saved. They are humble animals unlike the lion, tiger or elephant. But they have helped humans and equally my life has been as humble and simple as that of the mice or rabbits.

Over the last 50 years the regimes in power (in Turkey) have made so many experiments on me just as laboratories make experiments on mice and rabbits.'
Musa Ante

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